Choose You Bathroom Faucet Wisely

When You are going to pick out your bathroom faucet you keep in mind the style you are trying to create in the bathroom. While this may seem obvious, we have been in many bathrooms that were beautiful but faucet was all wrong for the style.

This is our advice to you, when it's time to get the faucet pick one that works with the sink that you have and don't buy a cheap faucet, you will regret it later.

Since there are a wide variety of choices faucets, there still are general categories and finishes that you can choose from and they are as follows:

widespread - the faucet and valves are usually about 8 to 20 inches apart and are installed separately. they are generally more expensive than centerset faucets

mini-widespread same as the widespread but the center to center distances of the pieces is 4 inches

centerset they can have one or two handles plus all pieces of faucet or on one base. single handled faucets are easier to adjust because hot and cold water are balanced using a single lever. If you purchase a two handled faucet hot and cold water have to be adjusted separately

wall mount these faucets have longer spouts so that they can properly extend over the basin.

Also try to avoid buying a faucet that use compression valves inside because the rubber will wear out and it will be a pain to replace. The faucets with a cartridge system or ceramic disks are easier to maintain. Plus they usually carry a lifetime warranty

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