Planning Your Bathroom Remodel

A bathroom remodel can add great value to your home. Remodeling your bathroom adds the second most value to your home following a kitchen remodel.

In the 1990's the American bathroom began to change from a small functional room into a room with style and personality. The reason for this change is the fact that homes are about 25% larger than they used to be. A bathroom can now be a retreat where you can relax and forget about all of life's stresses, even if it is only for a short time.

You don't have to do a gut rehab of your bathroom you dramatically alter the look by changing the color of the room, installing new fixtures, installing new lighting, maybe changing from a cabinet to a pedestal sink etc.

What's the First Step?

Now that you have decided to remodel your bathroom, you will start the process by asking yourself some basic questions.

What is my budget?

How extensive do I want to make this project? Do I want a simple upgrade or a major overhaul?

What do I want to change in the bathroom to better suit my lifestyle?

Will the style bathroom I want fit in with the style in the rest of the house?

Ok What's Next?

Now that you have answered some basic questions you should skim through some magazines or and compile some pictures of ideas that you like.

Now you should hire a professional to create plans, help you compose the design elements for your bathroom remodel, pull permits (if necessary)and perform the construction. After that you should interview and hire general contractor to get the job done.

We offer in house design services and we are a licensed and insured general contractor. We also have an architect that we have worked with on a number of projects. So there you have it that part of the project has been taken care of.

Everyone's On Board Now Let's Strategize

Having a reasonable idea of what you want and choosing the right personell to get the job done are just part of the equation. Making sure everyone is on the same page is key. This means you will have to have several meetings with your general contractor and architect.

We have found that the more clear a client is about what he or she wants to get done the smoother the bathroom remodel will go. When all parties meet the goal should be to get a crystal clear vision of the project. Only then should the project begin. Yes, this stage can be frustrating, but it will be even more frustrating and possibly costly if the project has many delays because it wasn't well thought out.

Location, Location, Location

Once the layout is agreed upon then it's time to choose what finishing materials are to be used for your bathroom remodel. Basically, the location of the bathroom will determine what finish and material should be used.

Again, this is another stage where careful attention should be paid to the details. You probably won't be doing a remodel again for a few years so it's important that the finishes are right. There's nothing like looking at a roome everyday that you hate!

Choose Your Bathroom Fixtures

You are really making progress. Now it's time to choose what type of bathroom fixtures you want. While there are literally hundreds of choices for fixtures only certain fixtures will appeal to your tastes and suit your budget.

First we will start by choosing a bathroom sink. Before we make a final choice on the sink we must choose a compatible bathroom countertop. This will prevent a potentially expensive error if the sink and the countertop can't work together.

When the sink and the countertop are decided upon you must also make sure that the bathroom faucet that you want can work with the sink.

Time To Choose The Bathtub

The bathtub is a very important element in any bathroom remodel. You have to decide if you want to replace the tub or you may want to use a bath shower. If your budget is tight you may want to leave the existing tub and reline or reglaze it. Whatever is applicable to your circumstance.

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