Bathroom Remodeling Advice - Types Of Finishes For Each Bathroom.

Our bathroom remodeling advice will help you to figure out what material and finishes should be used in a bathroom based on it's location in your home.

Powder Room/half bath - This bathroom is for visitors and is normally located on the first floor of a home. Its location should be convenient for vistors to access. As long as this room doesn't have a shower, you can get away with using finishes that are a little less water resistant.

Impress your guests by being stylish in this room. Use a nice lighting fixture, or a unique faucet with a contemporary sink. There are many ways you can go here, but whatever you do make it striking.

Children's Bathroom - Durability and safety are the keys here. You dont want to install expensive finishes in this room so can save a little here. Make the room colorful to represent the child's youth or personality. A one piece toilet will work well in this room, there's no chance of a tank getting broken. A solid surface for the vanity counter will keep it from getting scratched.

Master bathroom - A bathroom where you can have a splendid retreat from the daily pressures is one that we all hope to create one day. Make this room luxurious by installing a steam shower, or a whirlpool with massaging jets and light therapy.

Perhaps you like to soak, a deep claw foot tub will do the trick. View a flat screen LCD while you relax. Add a fire place for romantic ambiance. Let you imagination run wild in this room (not too wild though). This is your safe haven and you work hard so you deserve the best.

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