What Kind Of Bathtub Should I Choose?

The bathtub is one of the crucial elements in a bathroom renovation. Maneuvering around the house a tub can be difficult because of the size and the weight.Very large tubs can strain the framing, plumbing and electrical wiring. Don't let this deter you! We are here to help!

These days there are a variety of materials used to make the tubs lighter than ever before. This reduces costs, which is a good thing for your wallet.

Although many American homes have the standard 30" x 60" bathtub, new sizes and shapes make it easy to design a very different bathroom. On that not we will now list the some of the many options you can choose for your tub.

Whirlpool Tubs

These tubs use jets to circulate the water around your body to relax your muscles. They were developed 40 years ago, once exclusive are now commonplace. No matter what size whirlpool tubs use the same basic technology.

The two basic types of whirlpool tubs are: drop-in that are built into a deck and apron front which is designed for an alcove. Smaller tubs can be made of acrylic or cast iron. Large tubs are usually acrylic. The jets can be adjusted to suit your individual tastes. Return from Bathtub to Quality NYC HI Home

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