Easy Steps For Choosing A General Contractor and Other Professionals For Your Remodeling Project

Choosing a general contractor (GC)to do your remodel is a crucial step, thus you must do your homework in order to get this right. The role of the GC is to hire and coordinate all the trades. Plus make sure that the project is completed in a timely manner.

We are sure you have heard all the horror stories about contractors either botching the job running, away with the money, walking off the job etc. Many times this happens because you didn't do your due diligence on the company.

Here are some easy steps you can take when you are ready to choose a General Contractor :

* Choose a GC with at least 10 years experience in the job you are considering him or her for.

* Choose a licensed and insured GC. Don't be afraid to ask to see the license and proof of the liability insurance.

* Ask for references of completed jobs and call the these references to confirm authenticity. Go to the job site if you can.

* Ask to see a portfolio of his or her work.

* Find out if the General Contractor has any design experience otherwise don't depend on him or her for that service.

* Don't choose the cheapest bid or the most expensive - many times the cheapest bidder can't get the job done properly.

* Don't try to GC the job yourself - this is a sure fire way to get burned. Inexperience will lead you to having subs tripping all over each other. GC's normally have subcontractors (sub) that they work with regularly and can get them to perform the job in a timely manner. Subs may not have the same loyalty to a one time GC

Choosing A Designer

* After you are done choosing a general contractor you may want to consider hiring a bathroom designer if your bathroom needs major nonstructural renovations. If possible, try to get a designer who is certified by the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA).

* Your designer can suggest different room layouts and fixtures. He/She should be well versed in the building code requirements of your area and the universal design principles.

* Fees can vary widely based on the design firm that you use, but you should make sure that you include these fees in the total project cost.

* An Interior Decorator specialzes is surface decor and furnishings

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