Choose The Right Paint Sheen Based On The Function Of The Room.

You should choose what paint sheen will be right for the room after you have decided whether to use oil or latex and have picked out a color . Each sheen reflects a certain amount of light. A gloss paint will reflect about 50% of light thus producing a very shiny finish. A flat finish will reflect only about 5 to 10% of light so it will look darker and duller that a gloss paint of the same color.

We have put together a list of all the finishes from shiniest to dullest along with our recommendations on where to use these lusters.

Gloss - Good for play rooms, commercial buildings, trim and any area where washability and durability is needed. Can be used on walls but this sheen will high any imperfections and make it look like a big mistake.

Semi-Gloss - Good for the same applications as gloss but reflects less light. Many people choose this sheen for kitchens and bathrooms or any area where hands are in frequent contant. Still a bit to shiny to use on rooms outside the kitchen and bathroom because imperfections still will be more visible.

Satin - This is one of our favorite finishes to use on walls because imperfections are less visible and it provide a smooth finish that is not overly reflective. This sheen is durable and has good washability. Great for kitchens, baths and trim.

Eggshell - We recommend this finish for walls because imperfections are only slightly visible plus it has decent durability and washability.

Flat - Good for ceilings and walls excellent for hiding surface imperfections (within reason of course). The main drawbacks are that this sheen doesn't hide dirt well and has limited washability. There are washable flats that look great but they are expensive thus may put a strain on your wallet if you have a tight budget for the project.

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